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Assorted links for 08/04/2019

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1. How Climate Change Could Trigger the Next Global Financial Crisis 2. Tomorrow’s Gods: What is the future of religion? 3. The Invention of Money by John Lanchester 4. American Wealth Is Broken by Maura Cheeks 5. The Human Cost of Amber by Katharine Gammon 6. Imagining all the reasons you might not make time for your book by Grant Snider

“What is wanted?”

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“As McCulloch explains in one of many illuminating historical anecdotes, simply settling on a standard greeting made for acute confusion. What initially started as a battle between “ahoy” and “hello” (another contender was “what is wanted?” — my new phone greeting) was eventually resolved in favor of “hello”; the word has the same origins as “holler,” and was used at the time as a call for attention. “ Why Has Language Changed So Much So […]