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Assorted links for 08/12/2019

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1. Can you step in the same river twice? Wittgenstein v Heraclitus by David Egan (philosophy) 2. Counting Calories to Stay Fit? There’s a Trillion Little Problems With That (health) 3. Great Ideas Are Growing Scarce. That’s Not So Great by Noah Smith (innovation) 4. Yes, There Is a Trade-Off Between Inflation and Unemployment by Greg Mankiw (economics) 5. The economics of bubbles by Brent Goldfarb and David A Kirsch (economics) and their new book: […]

On Logic and the Theory of Science

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On Logic and the Theory of Science by Jean Cavaillès, translated by Knox Peden, MIT Press (2019) (…) Jean Cavaillès evaluates philosophical efforts to determine the origin—logical or ontological—of scientific thought, arguing that, rather than seeking to found science in original intentional acts, a priori meanings, or foundational logical relations, any adequate theory must involve a history of the concept. Cavaillès insists on a historical epistemology that is conceptual rather than phenomenological, and a logic […]

Men. Abuse. Trauma.

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It’s thrilling — and not just because of how raw and bruising Thorn’s monologue is, or how well written it is. It’s also thrilling because this is a YouTube video where aesthetic form is inseparable from content. Late in “Men. Abuse. Trauma,” Thorn suggests that one project worth undertaking, should you have a platform like his to do it, is to increase the number of emotional colors that men feel free to paint with, so […]

Assorted links for 08/01/2019

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1. We Need a New Science of Progress by Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen Progress itself is understudied. By “progress,” we mean the combination of economic, technological, scientific, cultural, and organizational advancement that has transformed our lives and raised standards of living over the past couple of centuries. For a number of reasons, there is no broad-based intellectual movement focused on understanding the dynamics of progress, or targeting the deeper goal of speeding it up. […]