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Assorted links for 08/09/2019

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1. Letter of Recommendation: Spam by Sabina Murray 2. Wait, People Pay for Tinder? 3. Was E-mail a Mistake? by Cal Newport 4. The “30–50 Feral Hogs” Guy Actually Had a Point 5. Feral hogs, 30-50 or otherwise, are a serious problem for agriculture and human morality 6. In 1999, two movies changed horror forever

“What is wanted?”

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“As McCulloch explains in one of many illuminating historical anecdotes, simply settling on a standard greeting made for acute confusion. What initially started as a battle between “ahoy” and “hello” (another contender was “what is wanted?” — my new phone greeting) was eventually resolved in favor of “hello”; the word has the same origins as “holler,” and was used at the time as a call for attention. “ Why Has Language Changed So Much So […]