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Our recent work on molecular electronics and plasmonics just got published. This has been a very fruitful collaboration with Christian Nijhuis‘ lab. The two publications are a follow up of our Nature Photonics paper. It took us couple of years to complete the work but the results look really great. Congratulations to the researchers, postdocs and PhD students who did the work and made it possible. Directional Excitation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons via Molecular Through-Bond […]

Knowledge, innovation, economic growth

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On a macro level, knowledge creation relates to innovation and how it influences economic growth. Knowledge creation, however, originates at the micro level. Microeconomic evidence for knowledge creation and innovation at the level of individual inventors is however lacking. One interesting question is whether, and how, collaborations between individual scientists benefit knowledge creation. Such studies are important as they can inform policies. In context of innovation and economic growth, fostering collaborations and promoting collaborative spirit […]