Reviewed papers

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[post] Tomoya Mori, Shosei Sakaguchi, Collaborative knowledge creation: evidence from Japanese patent data, Aug 6 (2019), arXiv:1908.01256v1.
[post] Lynn Wu, Bowen Lou, Lorin Hitt, Data analytics supports decentralized innovation, Management Science, (2019), forthcoming.
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[post] Emdad Islam and Jason Zein, Inventor CEOs, Journal of Financial Economics, (2019), forthcoming.
[post] Loss aversion effect
[post] Dionisis Philippas, Hatem Rjiba, Khaled Guesmi, Stephane Goutte, Media attention and Bitcoin prices, Finance Research Letters, 30, 37 (2019).
[post] S Thomas Kim, Bitcoin dilemma: Is popularity destroying value? Finance Research Letters, (2019), forthcoming.


[post] David M. Reeb and Wanli Zhao, Dissecting Innovation, SSRN, May 9, (2018)