Papers (6): CBDC of PBOC

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Blockchain / digital currency / economics / Papers

Our opinion piece on China’s central bank digital currency has been published in South China Morning Post.

Assorted links for 09/26/2019

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1. The well-educated person by C D C Reeve (aeon)

2. Got any Horrific Child? Discover the list of the world’s 291 weirdest bands (culture, The Guardian)

3. Blockchain: disillusionment descends on financial services (blockchain, Financial Times)

4. ‘There’s no end and no escape. You feel so, so exposed’: life as a victim of revenge porn (crime, The Guardian)

Assorted links for 09/25/2019

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1. VSCO girls and how teen culture goes viral (new-culture, Vox)

2. Ambient black carbon particles reach the fetal side of human placenta (health, Nature Communications)
+ this commentary

3. The Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade (business, Harvard Business Review)

4. The Dark Side of Light. Beneath the surface of one of Germany’s deepest lakes, researchers are studying the hidden effects of artificial light. (science, The Atlantic)

Assorted links for 09/24/2019

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1. Health 4.0: Challenges for an Orderly and Inclusive Innovation (innovation, Technology and Society)

2. How Bicycles Can Revolutionize Our Lives: Case Studies from the United States, Netherlands, China & Britain (society, Open Culture)

3. The Lemonade Ultimatum: Game Theory in a Gift Economy by Kelly Peters (game theory, Behavioral Scientist)

4. The girl in the box: the mysterious crime that shocked Germany by Xan Rice (crime, The Guardian)

5. A German Court Defines Hangovers as an Illness (history, society, NYT)

Assorted links for 09/23/2019

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1. Censorship Leaves Us in the Dark (racism, JSTOR)

2. It’s a Fact: Mistakes Are Embarrassing the Publishing Industry (publishing, NYT)

3. Of Freud, 19th-Century Therapeutics, and Recumbent Posture (history, MIT Press Reader)

4. UN report: Climate change causes and impacts are increasing (climate, Axios)

Assorted links for 09/22/2019

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1. M.I.T. Media Lab, Already Rattled by the Epstein Scandal, Has a New Worry (society, NYT)

2. A Pastafarian hilariously trolled a town council meeting. The stakes are profoundly serious (society, Vox)

3. To Feed a Hot Planet, They’re Making More Efficient Plants (climate, NYT)

4. Is the New Meat Any Better Than the Old Meat? (food, NYT)

Assorted links for 09/21/2019

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1. Google researchers have reportedly achieved “quantum supremacy” (technology, MIT technology Review)
details are sketchy, additional information also in: Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy,’ Marking a Major Milestone in Computing (Fortune)
What Is Quantum Supremacy, and Why Is It Such a Computing Milestone? (Fortune)

2. Blockchain hysteria: Adding “blockchain” to company’s name (blockchain, Economics Letters)
one can compare this to the dot-com boom: A by Any Other Name (pdf here)

Assorted links for 09/20/2019

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1. People v mosquitos: what to do about our biggest killer by Timothy Winegard (The Guardian)

2. A Stunning New Study Shows How Fast North America’s Birds Are Disappearing (Mother Jones)
and The Quiet Disappearance of Birds in North America (The Atlantic)

3. Superbug hotspots emerging in farms across globe (The Guardian)

4. What the Jeffrey Epstein Case Says About Elite Men (Bloomberg)

Assorted links for 09/19/2019

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1. Who Would I Be Without Instagram? by Tavi Gevinson (new-culture, The Cut)

2. Jonathan Safran Foer on Our Moral Obligation to Eat Better (book, food, The New Republic)

3. Cashing In on Climate Change (climate economics, Slate)

Assorted links for 09/18/2019

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1. Dematerialization and What It Means for the Economy — and Climate Change (podcast with Andrew McAfee, co-director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (Harvard Business Review)

2. Richard Prum: How Does Beauty Evolve? (book, JSTOR)

3. They Are What You Eat. A visit to the headquarters of your favorite mall foods. (society, food, NYT)

4. Luxury is Shit (The Outline)