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Assorted links for 08/15/2019

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1. How ergodicity reimagines economics for the benefit of us all (economics) 2. The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant (innovation) 3. In Libris Libertas: Open Access Monographs in Classics, Ancient History, Art History, and Archaeology (history) 4. Hack in the box: Hacking into companies with “warshipping” (cybersecurity) 5. Human-sized penguin fossil discovered in New Zealand

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Mercury is a big health hazard. I have recently posted on airborne mercury-containing nanoparticles. This article by Ed Yong is a good reminder that marine organisms we consume are still the main source of mercury. Released by coal-burning power plants and other industries, mercury—a toxic metal—circulates in the atmosphere, enters the ocean, worms up the food web and, via the seafood we eat, ends up in our bodies. For decades mercury in seafood has been […]

Impossible meat

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Alt meat isn’t going to stay alt for long, and cattle are looking more and more like stranded assets Outside While corn is hitting a six-year price highs there is an intense debate around plant based meat. Currently Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Nestlé are the main players but the alt-meat space is getting crowded fast. After a short trial in the St Louis area, the Impossible Whopper will be available at Burger Kings in US […]