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Choice Engineering Competition

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An interesting competition on choice engineering is being held here. The goal is to compare qualitative (choice architecture) and quantitative (new field of choice engineering) models of choice and determine which one works best in influencing human decisions. The competition was recently described in Nature Communications [1]. Choice architecture uses qualitative psychological principles in choice design. The recent development of quantitative models of choice can revolutionize this discipline. To launch this field, which we term […]

Somethin’s brewin’

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There is a very interesting debate going on for some time already about a psychological effect called “loss aversion” [1]. This effect, and many other similar psychological effects describing the peculiarities of human decision making, underpins the field of behavioral economics and behavioral finance. This effect has been called a fallacy. The popular idea that avoiding losses is a bigger motivator than achieving gains is not supported by the evidence. To get up to speed: […]

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How to Say “No” at Work Without Making Enemies by Joseph Grenny You define the contours of your character and the shape of your life by what you say “no” to. For example, saying no to invitations is the way you safeguard the attention you need to say yes to what matters most. Saying no to demands that compromise your values is how you secure your hold on those values. Articulating your reservations about a […]

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1. The Endless, Invisible Persuasion Tactics by Sidney Fussell Even the cheesiest, most cloyingly overearnest romance movies lack the pathos of the pop-up notifications you get when you cancel an online subscription. “If you leave us now, you’ll take away the biggest part of us” is a message I’d expect to receive from a spouse upon being served divorce papers.  2. What are dark patterns? Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that […]

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1. 6 Reasons We Make Bad Decisions, and What to Do About Them by Mike Erwin, Harvard Business Review, Aug 01, (2019) Nice and simple summary of the most common reasons we make bad decisions. These are all good points backed by research. Analysis paralysis is probably something I can relate to, while I think that for my kids the steady state of distraction that the new technologies bring, make them unable to pause and […]