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A Hidden Order of Reality

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Claude Lévi-Strauss’ (1908-2009) chef-d’oeuvre Tristes Tropiques (1955) is there among the top 50 books of the XXth century. It is also one of the books that influenced me a lot when I was a teenager. I read it at least three times. It was novel, exotic, and very inspiring. Maybe it is one of the reasons why I live now on the equator. There is a new biography of Levi-Strauss. Anthropology at that time was […]

Kate Tempest – this isn’t a gig, it’s a reckoning

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The performance poet absorbs all of the uncertainty and anger of our times, and pours it into ferocious, apocalyptic music that both wounds and heals. (…) When Tempest glides within the same note from speech to song, it is like plummeting down a rollercoaster, your stomach left mid-air. Via The Guardian But look how the traffic's still movingSystem's too slick to stop workingBusiness is good And there's bands every night in the pubsAnd there's two […]

Futility Closet

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I am a big fan of the Futility Closet. The blog run by Greg Ross is absolutely awesome and the trivia, puzzles, and oddities never disappoint. Futility Closet is a collection of entertaining curiosities in history, literature, language, art, philosophy, and mathematics, designed to help you waste time as enjoyably as possible. About Futility Closet They also have a great weekly podcast “featuring forgotten stories from the pages of history“, “surprising and curious tales from […]

Men. Abuse. Trauma.

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It’s thrilling — and not just because of how raw and bruising Thorn’s monologue is, or how well written it is. It’s also thrilling because this is a YouTube video where aesthetic form is inseparable from content. Late in “Men. Abuse. Trauma,” Thorn suggests that one project worth undertaking, should you have a platform like his to do it, is to increase the number of emotional colors that men feel free to paint with, so […]

Assorted links for 08/03/2019

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1. And Now, a Bicycle Built for None Towards artificial general intelligence with hybrid Tianjic chip architecture, Jing Pei et al., Nature, 572, 106 (2019) 2. Urban trees found to improve mental and general health People in urban areas have a lower risk of developing psychological distress and better overall health if they have more trees within a walkable distance from their homes (…) Association of Urban Green Space With Mental Health and General Health Among […]

Drawing in and keeping journal subscribers

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There is a business to be had selling digital subscriptions to newspapers by Joshua Benton. Quite amazing numbers for the NYT and WaPo digital subscriptions – I thought it is much less, even though I have a New York Times subscription. It is indeed puzzling why the same model wouldn’t work on the West Coast for LA Times. Newspaper 2002 print circ 2019 digital subs The New York Times 1,113,000 2.7 million Los Angeles Times […]

The Horrors of Male Bonding

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“Starring Robert Pattinson and Willam Dafoe, this follow-up to Eggers’ 2015 period horror, The Witch, explores the relationship between two lighthouse keepers (or “wickies,” as they’re known by the swashbuckling community) as they attempt to endure a harsh month of isolation on a remote speck of rock off the coast of Maine without murdering one another. Think Laurel and Hardy crossed with Moby-Dick and Night of the Hunter.“ via Slate