#hashbased for week 46

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#hashbased is a blockchain innovation newsletter provided by HashBased.com, an OKA innovation brand

Here they come: Peter Rudegeair and Liz Hoffman report in WSJ on Google’s ambitions to move into fintech and banking. The company is launching “Cache”, a service that will allow users opening checking accounts. This follows a similar announcement from Amazon, while Apple is already offering financial services in collaboration with Goldman Sachs. At the same time Facebook is launching Libra, its own digital currency and blockchain technology for payments and financial services, but is facing a significant pushback from politicians and regulators. It is expected that the Google collaboration with Citibank on checking accounts will face similar opposition.

Worth Reading

Jerold Haas was on the brink of blockchain riches. Then his body was found in the woods of southern Ohio.


Haas had vanished only months after he’d been on the verge of a life-altering triumph. He was a cofounder of Tessr, a buzzed-about Columbus startup that aimed to use blockchain technology to streamline data sharing in higher education.

  • A warning about stablecoins in the November edition of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board of Governors’ “Financial Stability Report“.


$69 Trillion of World Debt in One Infographic via Visual Capitalist

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