Assorted links for 10/02/2019

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1. The Brewery Powered by a Wind Turbine (JSTOR)

2. The value of thoughts and prayers (economics, PNAS – open access)

A standard response of both policy makers and private citizens to hardships—from natural disasters to mass shootings—is to offer “thoughts and prayers.” Critics argue that such gestures are meaningless and may obstruct structural reforms intended to mitigate catastrophes. In this study, we elicit the value of receiving thoughts and prayers from strangers following adversity. We find that Christians value thoughts and prayers from religious strangers and priests, while atheists and agnostics are “prayer averse”—willing to pay to avoid receiving prayers. Furthermore, while indifferent to receiving thoughts from other secular people, they negatively value thoughts from Christians.

3. It’s Not Kale, It’s You (food culture, Mother Jones)
and Heard of books, butlers, lifters, or flat irons? Spoiler alert: They’re all the same steak (food culture, The New Food Economy)

4. The Ethics of Eating: How our food culture is killing us by Susan Pedersen (food culture, The Nation)

5. Where Toxic Masculinity Goes to Die (culture, The Atlantic)
and Beards, Why? (The Atlantic)

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