Assorted links for 09/16/2019

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1. With Harvard as the Backdrop, NBA Players Learn Business from the Best and Brightest (Sports Illustrated)

After NBA representives noticed the interest across the league and reached out, Elberse and others put together the mentor-based program that gives athletes insight into the business world by pairing them with second-year MBA students who share similar interests. The program, which started with only NBA players, has been expanded to include players from the WNBA and NFL, as well as NWSL and MMA fighters. During their day on campus, athletes sit in on Elberse’s traditional classes and get to pick their mentors through what the program coordinators called a “reverse draft.”

2. Companies Led by Inventors Produce Better Innovations (innovation, HBR)
I have briefly highlighted their paper here.

3. 35,853 Disagreements Under the Sea (NYT)

4. Horrible bosses: masked activists publicly shame businesses in Bologna (society, The Guardian)


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