Assorted links for 08/30/2019

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1. Bitcoin and climate change

(a) Nicolas Houy, Rational mining limits Bitcoin emission, Nature Climate Change, 9, 655 (2019).
(b) Lars Dittmar and Aaron Praktiknjo, Could Bitcoin emissions push global warming above 2 °C? Nature Climate Change, 9, 656–657 (2019).
(c) Eric Masanet, Arman Shehabi, Nuoa Lei, Harald Vranken, Jonathan Koomey & Jens Malmodin, Implausible projections overestimate near-term Bitcoin CO2 emissions, Nature Climate Change, 9, 653–654 (2019).

2. Homo Narrativus and the Trouble with Fame by Peter Sheridan Dodds (sociology, Nautilus)

3. Jeffrey Epstein’s Intellectual Enabler by Evgeny Morozov (New Republic)
and Jeffrey Epstein’s influence in the science world is a symptom of larger problems by Kate Darling (The Guardian)

4. Where Does Affirmative Action Leave Asian-Americans? by Jay Caspian Kang (NYT)

5. Sydneysiders stop to watch history roll along new-look George Street (The Sydney Morning herald)

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