Assorted links for 08/29/2018

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1. The great book scare (history, Smithsonian)

2. Why Not Hi-tech Forms? by Robin Hanson

A half century ago, when people tried to imagine a future full of computers, I’m sure one of the most obvious predictions they made is that we today wouldn’t have to work so hard to fill out forms. Filling out forms seemed then to be a very mechanical task, based on explicit mechanical rules. So once computers had enough space to store the relevant data, and enough computing power to execute those rules, we should not longer need to fill out most tedious parts of forms.

3. Global Inequality of Opportunity (economics)

4. 2019-20 NBA predictions (NBA, FiveThirtyEight)

5. Mixing Bitcoin works (blockchain)

While Chainalysis is able to tell which coins are sent to and from mixers, the webinar confirmed that the service is unable to follow the trail of coins as they move through mixing services.

“We can identify funds going into services, including mixing services,” Curtis said. “A common misconception is that one can trace the path of funds through a service.”

In other words, mixing works.

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