Assorted links for 08/23/2019

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1. The Big Business of Scavenging in Postindustrial America (recycling)

The U.S. produces more garbage than any other nation in the world per capita. Here’s how scrappers are turning that waste into a $32 billion business.

2. How “Carpe Diem” Got Lost in Translation by Chi Luu (language)

3. Is Tribalism a Natural Malfunction? by Simon Dedeo (game theory)

4. The machine always wins: what drives our addiction to social media by Richard Seymour (social media)

5. The sourdough loaves that led two scientists to fame on The Great British Bake Off (food)

6. Bibles but Not Textbooks: Trump’s Tariff Exemptions Pick Winners and Losers

Five Jokes by Slavoj Žižek
There is a book with a collection of Žižek’s Jokes


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