Assorted links for 08/21/2019

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1. The Prince and the Figurehead by John Nerst (social studies)

Just like it’s obvious that our selective stupidity is just that — selective — it’s equally obvious to me that we don’t do this with full-on intentionality. We aren’t all sociopaths. We don’t typically get a full range of possible interpretations listed in our mind, think about it and then decide to go with a dishonest pick.

2. Tackling climate change with blockchain by Peter Howson (blockchain)

Concern about the carbon footprint of Bitcoin is not holding back blockchain developers from leveraging the technology for action on climate change. Although blockchain technology is enabling individuals and businesses to manage their carbon emissions, the social and environmental costs and benefits of doing so remain unclear.

3. The New Illiberalism by Tom Pisel

4. The New Spiritual Consumerism by Amanda Hess

Not sure if I subscribe to everything in this article bit it is an interesting read nonetheless.

5. Life on thin ice by Dan McDougall (mental health)

Greenland’s melting has been adopted by the world as its own problem. But for the islanders grieving their dissolving world, the crisis is personal, and dangerous

6. Inside The Prison Where Inmates Set Each Other On Fire and Gangs Have More Power Than Guards by Jerry Mitchell

Bonus: a track from the newly-discovered John Coltrane album Blue World

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