Kate Tempest – this isn’t a gig, it’s a reckoning

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The performance poet absorbs all of the uncertainty and anger of our times, and pours it into ferocious, apocalyptic music that both wounds and heals.


When Tempest glides within the same note from speech to song, it is like plummeting down a rollercoaster, your stomach left mid-air.

Via The Guardian

But look how the traffic's still moving
System's too slick to stop working
Business is good
And there's bands every night in the pubs
And there's two for one drinks in the clubs
It's the bored-of-it-all generation
The product of product placement and manipulation
Shoot 'em up, brutal, duty of care
Come on, new shoes, beautiful hair
Bullshit saccharine ballads
And selfies and selfies and selfies
And here's me outside the palace of me
Construct a self and psychosis
Meanwhile the people were dead in their droves
And no, nobody noticed
Well, some of them noticed
You could tell by the emoji they posted
And kill what you find if it threatens you
No trace of love in the hunt for the bigger buck
Here in the land where nobody gives a fuck

Tempest is an excruciatingly beautiful performer. As she continues to grapple with the universal and the personal, we are lucky to be able to listen. I want to hear it all.

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