Assorted links for 08/11/2019

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1. Singapore’s Ambassador: ‘Our Laws Are for Us to Make’ (Singapore)

2. Content pricing in the age of the digital-native generation (publishing)

We identify two optimal content-medium pricing strategies: (i) the publisher offers information goods or content only in the digital medium under some market conditions, and (ii) under other market conditions, the publisher offers a choice of a bundle of the digital and the physical mediums or only the digital medium. Interestingly, we find that even when the marginal cost of the physical (or bundle) is very high, under a wide range of parameter values, the publisher’s optimal strategy is to offer the bundle and the digital rather than to offer only the digital medium.

Shivendu Shivendu and Ran (Alan) Zhang, The Impact of Digitization on Content Markets: Prices, Profit, and Social Welfare, MIS Quarterly (2019) forthcoming

3. Planting Trees Is Good. Eliminating Deforestation is Better (climate)

4. This Land Is the Only Land There Is (climate, food)

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