Assorted links for 08/07/2019

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1. Duplicity, Grace and Violence: New Spanish-Language Fiction

2. America Is Not Rome. It Just Thinks It Is by Tom Holland

3. The Utopian Promise of Adorno’s ‘Open Thinking,’ Fifty Years On by Peter E. Gordon

4. The Bauhaus at 100: science by design

An abstract painting of multiple curved forms on a background of several colours.
Yellow-Red-Blue, a 1925 painting by Wassily Kandinsky, who taught at the Bauhaus from 1922 to 1933. Credit: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty

The most influential design school in history, the Bauhaus, was founded 100 years ago by visionary German architect Walter Gropius. There, mathematical principles and engineering rigour were applied to fine art, craft and architecture. The school pioneered a splendid amalgamation of science and art.

The Bauhaus aesthetic depended above all on geometric forms, a reflection of machined design and mechanical engineering. It deployed modern industrial materials such as tubular steel and concrete. Yet it was also significantly inspired by nature — a salient source of Bauhaus glory, whether manifested in graphic design, weaving, carpentry, glass, metalwork or wall painting.

5. Taming the digital information tide to promote equality

Interactive technologies are changing the ways we learn facts, develop attitudes and participate in politics, with the ensuing risk of increasing pre-existing inequalities. Addressing this challenge is the duty of researchers, technology companies, governments and news organizations.

5. Don’t Put a Digital Expert in Charge of Your Digital Transformation

6. Why Parents Are Turning to a Controversial Treatment for Food Allergies

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