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There is a business to be had selling digital subscriptions to newspapers by Joshua Benton.

Quite amazing numbers for the NYT and WaPo digital subscriptions – I thought it is much less, even though I have a New York Times subscription. It is indeed puzzling why the same model wouldn’t work on the West Coast for LA Times.

Newspaper2002 print circ2019 digital subs
The New York Times1,113,0002.7 million
Los Angeles Times965,633170,000
The Washington Post746,7241.7 million
New York Daily News715,07027,000
Chicago Tribune613,429100,000
Houston Chronicle552,05237,000
The Dallas Morning News521,95672,000
San Francisco Chronicle512,12957,000

So what gets you there?

– It’s frequent messaging that reminds readers of the value of their subscription — both the practical value and the values that buttress the case for supporting local media.
– It’s building out unique subscriber-only experiences that make them feel they’ve got an inside pass to something important.
– It’s not just creating great journalism — it’s making sure that the great journalism gets seen by the people who’d enjoy or derive value from it.
– It’s using customer data to determine what, exactly, an individual reader finds valuable about what you produce and making sure they come into contact with it as often as possible.
– It’s constructing tools that increase the frequency of a reader’s contact with the paper — email newsletters, weekly podcasts, smart news alerts, the right pushes for weekend content, and anything else that builds habit, the most important predictor of subscription propensity.”

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