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The Existence of Airborne Mercury Nanoparticles, Avik. J. Ghoshdastidar & Parisa A. Ariya, Scientific Reports, 9, 10733 (2019) 

“In this work, we show that previously unknown mercury-containing nanoparticles exist in the air (…). Deploying an urban-air field campaign near a mercury point source, we provide further evidence for mercury nanoparticles and determine the extent to which these particles contain two long suspected forms of oxidized mercury (mercuric bromide and mercuric chloride) (…). (…) we estimate airborne mercury aerosols may contribute to half of the oxidized mercury measured in wintertime Montréal urban air (…). These emerging mercury-containing nanoparticle contaminants will influence mercury deposition, speciation and other atmospheric and aquatic biogeochemical mercury processes including the bioavailability of oxidized mercury to biota and its transformation to neurotoxic organic mercury. “


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