Assorted links for 07/27/2019

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1. The problem of mindfulness by Sahanika Ratnayake

” In claiming to offer a multipurpose, multi-user remedy for all occasions, mindfulness oversimplifies the difficult business of understanding oneself. It fits oh-so-neatly into a culture of techno-fixes, easy answers and self-hacks, where we can all just tinker with the contents of our heads to solve problems, instead of probing why we’re so dissatisfied with our lives in the first place”

2. What—and Why—Is the Fortnite World Cup?

“The weekend long event takes place at a sold-out Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City, and it could be viewed by millions live streaming at home. $30 million is up for grabs, with the top winners in each category taking home $3 million. “

2. The Bill for America First Is Coming Due

3. Will War Return? and Big War Remains Possible and How To Prep For War by Robin Hanson

4. Is The NBA’s Small-Ball Revolution About To End?

“It’s rare in life that you can look back and identify the specific moment that marked the end of the way things were and the beginning of the way things are. That is not the case when it comes to the creation of the style of play that dominates the modern NBA, which now sees teams eschewing size advantages in favor of loading the floor with as much shooting as possible.”

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